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Milan Men's Fashion Week 2012
UPDATE! June 26 -26, 2012

Paris Men's Fashion Week 2012
UPDATE! June 27 - July 1, 2012




Ready for fashion fails, as well as spectacular looks?


Well you're in luck, as our editor Jonathan leads us on a wild, wonderful trip through some of the world's major fashion weeks: Madrid, London, Paris, Milan and New York!


Until then, enjoy a laugh on us, and prepare yourself for a good time of haute couture, webcast live for your viewing pleasure!







Just go here:



Like a detective of fashionable proportions (um, yes, we know how LITTLE sense that made), we've made our primary raison d'etre a simple one: find links to the very best fashion week live streams.


First of all, what is live streaming media?


Live streaming, delivered live across the World Wide Web, involves a camera (duh), an encoder (such as the Teradek Cube) to digitize the content, a media publisher (i.e., say WordPress or super-fancy website), and a content delivery network (i.e., a web account, which every teen in America now has, pretty much).


Back in 2011, the New York Times published a guide to live streams during fashion week, though for some reason they didn't follow that up in 2012. For fashion week fall/winter (or if you're european, autumn/winter) 2012, Christian Dior had a live stream, and also debuted a magazine for some reason. And Louis Vuitton had one.


Love and Wardrobe had some cool information, as well. Slate always has some information that's helpful, as well.


Maybe it's the economy; maybe not. But the opening up of the runways has meant enormous gains for the public, as well as for designers. PSFK has a great analysis of this trend, showing how watching live fashion shows streaming via the Internet is a boon to designers as much as Web surfers. And we'll discuss some more of that at our sister site, which has the best fashion show live streams.


We'd also like to add, if you're looking for a great site that compiles as much of this information each season as possible, and does a wonderful job, see the super-terrific Catwalk.TV!


(Yes, you can even follow them on Twitter @CatWalkTV! (Here's an interview with Roz of CatWalkLive.) Follow her at!/rozfashionista.


And here's one final link for fall / winter 2012 and 2013!


2013 and 2014 live streams will probably be even better, so don't go away.


In you're interested in Paris Fashion Week, here's a livestream station you should probably know about. And if you're interested in fashion week photos, here's a great place to begin. For Milan Fashion Week live streams, follow the link. For New York Fashion Week Live, try here, and here are links for Los Angeles, Tokyo Fashion Week, Cibeles-Madrid, London, and Copenhagen Fashion Week Live in Denmark.


Finally! Here's a Telluride Charity we found that live streams.


But for ALL fashion weeks live, try here. Also, was that guy on Sesame Street called Grover??